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The 1970s cult movie - live on stage!

THE BABY promises to be unlike anything you've ever seen! Written and directed by Dan Spurgeon (LA Weekly Theatre Award winner, Best Director, 2012) and adapted from Abe Polsky's screenplay of the 1973 grindhouse classic, THE BABY won "Best of Hollywood Fringe" and "Top 10 LA Theatre Production" honors in 2013.

"Dark, perverse, haunting and absurd. All of which ends up very funny!"
    - David McDowell Blue, Night-Tinted Glasses

THE BABY follows social worker Ann Gentry as she finds herself with a very unusual case: the Wadsworth family, whose youngest member, Baby, is an adult man who sleeps in a crib and acts like an infant. Is Ann on the case to help the disabled Baby escape his abusive mother and sisters, or is her interest in him more...special? Part bizarre love story, party twisted fairy tale, part mystery thriller and all outrageous and offensive, the 70s cult film comes to the stage with a story so strange and shocking, you won't believe it's happening right in front of you!

"A laughable over-the-top shocker...Good fun!"
    - Richard Becker, Creepy LA

Inspiration for this play comes via the schlocky camp sensibilities of the films of John Waters (Pink Flamingos; Female Trouble), Russ Meyer (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), and Herschell Gordon Lewis (2000 Maniacs; The Gruesome Twosome). Any fans of those kinds of "midnight movies" should find plenty to like about THE BABY!

"The equivalent of Technicolor vomit. What did I just see?"
    - enthusiastic Fringe audience review

NOTE: Due to nudity, language, drug references, other adult themes, and overall perversity, THE BABY is not appropriate for children or uptight squares, man!

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